Signs, Signs Everywhere A Sign


Have you ever seen so many signs in one place?

 It always amazes me how much we advertise. Here in New York City, the advertising mecca of the US, it is very clear where business spend the dollars to reach us. This visit helps to solidify the understanding why the show “Madmen” lead us to a place of understanding the “Ad Man” and the depth at which businesses would go to get the consumer to see and purchase their wares.

I love this scene on the streets of New York City, as it depicts this cultural phenomenon.  It covers all aspects of our sense from food, electronics, destinations, drinks, shopping, beauty, brawn, where you are, where you’ve been and where your going.  Amazing!

I love the “urban landscape” of New York City.  Always something to tickle our senses and light up the surrounding environment.  Electrifying! You can visit many times and never cease to find new discoveries about this magical city.

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