City Under The Moon


San Francisco Skyline Under The Moon

Nothing like a night under the Moon and Stars with a cityscape lighting the night.

I just spent a wonderful evening capturing the essence of beauty of San Francisco at night.  The bonus was enjoying not only this photo shoot but time with my hubby and a new Meet Up Group, “PhotoXploria – The Best Camera Is The One You’re Holding”

This is an angle from the Emeryville Harbor.  I love how the city lights cascade colorfully on the water. Not only can you see the tower of the Bay Bridge, but the beacon light on the Trans America Building and the iconic Coit Tower.  The Holiday lights popping all over the city.   We were given a calm night with little wind, making for perfect photography.  Spending the evening waiting on the moon to descend the night sky and gently fall about the cityscape was so worth the wait.  My favorite part of this photo is the moon beam falling on the water.

If you plan on visiting San Francisco be sure to make time in your schedule to see the city from its many angles.  You will not be disappointed.

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