Stockholm – A Maiden Voyage


My husband and I recently took our virgin trip to Europe via a special excursion offered by a friend heading to their company’s offices in Sweden. They graciously offered to share their company paid accommodations at the Sheraton Stockholm.  We just had to get there.  Who could turn down that kind of offer.  We were ready to pack my bags before I even bought the tickets.  Excited was an understatement.  As a photographer I was ready to capture the essence and beauty of Stockholm.

I did tons of research on You Tube to ensure I was prepared. There was certainly some great information and it put my mind at ease as a first time traveler to a country not in the Americas or Canada. For me personally I was relieved to find out that the secondary language in the country was English…I could do this!  So passport in hand,  booked the flight,  marked the calendar and patiently waited for the departure date to arrive.

We chose to fly on the Norwegian Air newest flight that arrived in Stockholm in 10 hours non stop. That made me a happy camper for sure!  All other flights for upwards to 23 hours; most of which had layovers of 2-3 hours.  We Scored!

The cab ride from the airport to Stockholm was amazing; highlighted by a touch of the Swedish countryside.  It is beautiful and reminded me of going to Northern California.

We arrived in Stockholm City…OMG it was like I arrived in a whole new (old) world…of color, cleanliness and striking architecture.  All I wanted to do was pull out the camera equipment and just spend the entire time there taking photos.  Who needed to sleep!


We did make a stop at the hotel…got to the room unloaded luggage, dinner with our friend and slept a bit and then we were off on the 6 day photo exploration.

The first day our friend gave us the guided tour of Gamla Stan (Old Town).  We pretty much felt like we had stepped back in time.  A meeting place in the square, filled with cobblestones streets,  quaint shops,  adorable restaurants,amazing museums and highly relaxed people enjoying fika (swedish coffee break).

Oh yes, and the home of the Nobel Prize Museum..the place were Bob Dylan humbly accepted the award for Literature this past December.  Pretty sacred ground; I was humbled.




The King’s Palace flanks Old Town and is protected by a myriad of guards.  Every day at noon a ceremony is conducted for the changing of the guard.  Ceremonious grandeur enjoyed by many town’s men, women, children and tourist.


Okay day one was “Soooo Exciting!” I can hardly wait to see what day two was to bring. Stay tune for more tidbits from this Stockholm journey in coming blogs.

Stockholm is rich with color, culture, architecture and amazingly friendly people and a great place for the first time European Travler.

From Joie Was Here…

A international thumbs up img_3743







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