Chinatown San Francisco

Every urban city has this neighborhood and we are lucky to have a famous one….Chinatown in the heart of San Francisco.

Most of us head to Chinatown’s main street with a mecca of shops and restaurants to get our occasional fix. Our family did for years during the holidays or special visits with out-of-town guests.   We would take them trekking through that famous entrance, walk that street, shopped in those shops and eat in one of those restaurants.

I wanted to know more…so I booked another “Foodie Adventures” tour with our favorite tour guide Chris Milano to venture into the special areas of Chinatown that we tourist rarely get to see.  I knew we would see areas not normal on the beaten path.  Score!


Now I do what to give a huge shout out to Annie owner of  Delicious Dim Sum for the best pockets and wraps of dim sum I had ever had.  According to Yelp followers, a 4 star place.  Yummy, authentic and filling, To go boxes leaving the doors of this establishment faster than I can count.  Find it.  Order. and Enjoy!

I always love when I get my steps in doing something exciting and creative.  We wondered the streets and alleys, tasted and learned so much about the neighborhood, culture and history. Of course me with the added bonus of camera in hand.

We found the neighbors filling the sidewalks to shop in their favorite markets that carried the freshest foods to place on their tables.

The streets are filled with the essence of this culture.  Charm,street food and fortune.

Hidden in the nooks and crannies of the alleys,  are the talents and deep heritage of cultural music and service passions of its neighbors.














A BIG  Joie Was Here a thumbs up img_3743to Foodie Adventures,  Delicious Dim Sum and Chinatown San Francisco for fun, adventure and delicious food.

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