We all have been enduring a very wet, snowy and cold winter no matter what state you live in.  BUT….for us Californian’s we got sunshine for the first time in days.  Not only sunny but reasonable…beach warm weather.  YAY!  So what do you do when you have been hunkered down, keeping dry and warm for too long….You Go Play!

Being adventurous hubby and I  headed once again to the City (that is San Francisco for us northern Californian’s) to a place we had not been before… Twin Peaks.  (no, not the TV show).

img_4564 Discovering these are amazing view from the tallest peaks in San Francisco overlooking the entire area from the ocean on the west, The Golden Gate Bridge to the north, the Bay Area to the east and the Peninsula to the south.  A  spectacular 360 degree postcard.


And we we’re not alone…many locals and visitors joined us at this special vista point.  In awe at the beauty of the scenes before us.  Clicking away on cameras, cell phones, and iPads to capture the amazement at every turn.

img_4569To add to the excitement; Twin Peaks has it’s own local artist, spraying out his craft at the speed of light for the delight of the visitors.


Twin Peaks is a great spot to visit, be amazed and if you have a camera handy capture some incredible shots.  The bonus is a little hiking to the top of one of the peaks enhances the experience. Be sure to wear comfy, sturdy shoes, it is a bit of a climb. Certianly worth the excursion.

We encountered a few women in spike heels trying to navigate the climb.  Made me a little nervous, I just envisioned them catching one of those heels in the wood steps and tumbling done the hill.  Fortunately, she made it safely.

We did that; now on to the next adventure…a ride up Highway 35 to Half Moon Bay for ocean views and a bowl the best clam chowder we could find.  That could be only at one place Sam’s Chowder House on Highway 1. Sam’s has won awards and was featured non NBC’s Today Show for their delicious lobster rolls.

I have never been to Sam’s when the parking lot wasn’t full…don’t let that discourage you, it is worth the wait in the lot for a space and then when you put in your name for a table.  You can check out the Sam’s Gift Store or take a few and go to the outside or inside bar and enjoy a cocktail and meet more Sam’s enthusiast.


A cold beer, a pear cider, or your favorite cocktail and if you hang long enough you can eat right there at the bar. The outside bar has the best ambiance and view.


Great Service we found a place at the bar and our bartender was AWESOME!) Lunch  ordered! (Servings are large, so splitting your meal is an option) A Blue Crab and Shrimp “packed”Louie and a HUGE bowl of that famous clam chowder to share with my hubby.  This is a treat not to be missed.  Delicious!!!


Oh yes, and don’t miss that fantastic ocean view.  The best part was observing our fellow humans and their furry friends enjoying the rays as much as we did.


Giving these spots a Joie Was Here Thumbs Up img_3743 to a Sunny Saturday excursion on the west coast.








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