First Cable Car Ride

Visiting San Francisco is always a great experience for me and my hubby Mike.  We have explored so many corners of the city and have uncovered some interesting art, activities and food. But…the most fun time I experienced was from a recent visit by my sister and her new husband. Why you ask…. Because we got to share the great city of San Francisco by taking them to our favorite spot, Fishermen’s Wharf.

Not from a touristy point but from a local point. We escorted them to our favorite spots, a walk through the Playland Museum, (lots of memories here) and  lunch from the wharf street vendors on the main corner near the big Fishermen’s Wharf sign for fresh crab salads and SF sourdough bread.  So good!!

Then, a walk amongst the tourist; soaking in the souvenir stores, art galleries, eateries and the street vendors all along the street. Not stopping just observing all the activity.  Our walk took us up to  the Cable Car Turn Around on Beach Street for the Hyde Street to Powell Street route.  There we learned that neither my sister or her husband had ever ridden on a cable care before.  So as great host what do you do….Get Tickets.  It was the best $7 ride.  Even the short stand it line was worth the anticipations of this virgin journey.  Being the memory keeper I am…of course I captured the ride for all to see.  That way they could have that moment over and over again.  I don’t ever get tired of watching it.  It brings me back to the delight the trip brought them.

I hope you too enjoy this fun experience with us….


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