Walking The Golden Gate Bridge

Recently for a fun Sunday outing, my hubby (Mike) and I  chose to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.

I have added my Joie Was Here You Tube channel link to give you a visual recap of the breathtaking views,  commentary and vastness of this incredible Landmark.

It makes for a fun day of activity.  People of all ages walk,  run or bike the bridge. Walkers and runners get the view over to the Bay Bridge Side and bicyclist view the west out to the Pacific Ocean.

Arriving early and from the opposite side of the bridge has its advantages, less traffic, people and more parking.  Later int the day both the San Francisco and Marin sides will be filled with tour buses, cars and tons of people.

Our walk starts from the Vista Point parking lot on the Marin Headlines side.

IMG_6241This is a great way to get our steps in, keep active, people watch and enjoy the incredible view.


Finally reach the San Francisco side to see Fort Point and the bridge in all its grandeur.

There is plenty to do on this side.  We went to the Welcome Center which is packed with historical information as well as souvenirs to commemorate the journey.

There is so many bridge in the background photo opportunities, from the serious iconic shots to the cheesy tourist shots.  The point is to just have fun.


So fun is complete and ready to walk back to the Vista Point and head to lunch.  It has been a fun-filled active day.  I hope you have enjoyed this journey with me and my hubby.

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