I recently visited New York City with my husband and our close friends.  This was my first time to experience the amazing hustle of this many people all in one place.    I saw a sea of families, locals, foreigners, street artist, business men and women, ticket seller (or anything else sellers), costumed characters, pets; you name it and they gravitate to Time Square in the heart of Manhattan.  Combining that with the energy of lights, action, shopping, restaurants and theater it was electrifying and exciting to witness.  I loved every moment of activity and would go back in a heart




My visit to the Ground Zero Memorial in New York was profound.  To see the honoring of those lost to America was so beautiful.

I learned that all names with the white roses represented the person’s birthday.  To me, it was so much more; I saw love, respect, peace and remembrance.  I was compelled to carry the honoring with my photograph. That horrific day America changed.  We filled with grief, confusion, compassion and love.  So all who step on this sacred ground it too will fill your life.

Take it in, embody the honoring, send love out to all who were lost, affected and who carry the memories