An Adventure For Your Taste Buds

Many urban cities are such eclectic places; always something interesting around every corner.  Each neighborhood has its own personality, nooks, & specialties.

So one of my goals for this past year is to discover more about a city in my own back yard… San Francisco. I have visited all the tourist areas over the years. Many of my  trips end up at  the same places; Fisherman’s Wharf, Coit Tower, Lombard Street, Union Square, and the Cable Cars and I always fun, ate great food, took lots of photos and always found the visit adventurous.   And I just wanted more….

I decided to start with something I knew I would love…Food.

A friend suggested I check into a company that specializes in taking people on walking food tours in San Francisco.  What a concept; a win, win…eating and exercise in one trip, score!

My search began on Google of course and the one that caught my eye was “Chris Milano’s Foodie Adventures”.

_dsc0359The Real Guy…Chris Milano

The company had great ratings and offered several choices of tours in neighborhood’s I had not explored before. I immediately contacted the family to join me and book our first tour “The Mission”.  I had no idea what to expect but after checking out the reviews and the website I discovered that the host definitely was the expert on the local foods, as well as, the neighborhoo_dsc0346ds.   I could tell we were in for discovery and treats.

  • Rule number one…arrive hungry….it is a food marathon in savory and sweet delights.
  • Rule number two…wear comfortable shoes and bring a bag…for the left overs or purchases.
  • And for me Rule number three, bring the camera….I would be amiss not to chronicle this fun exploration.

Our meeting was scheduled that Saturday at Chinese Food and Donuts.


Having never been in this neighborhood the name along intrigued me. That is where our adventure began…we did not eat at this location but only met at this interesting spot.  We were greeted by our host, yes the founder and tour guide Chris Milano.


Charming and full of great information to start our 3-hour food feast.

The tour was so informative, full of history, diverse commerce, hot spot for nightlife, and colorful and creative neighborhood pride and most importantly delicious food I would have never experienced had I not done this tour.

Chris Milano’s Foodie Adventures gets my JOIEWASHERE  img_3743thumbs up!


If you are looking for a culinary couture, fun filled, informative, delightful, and delicious time for an adventure in San Francisco.  Go to and Book Now!


City Under The Moon


San Francisco Skyline Under The Moon

Nothing like a night under the Moon and Stars with a cityscape lighting the night.

I just spent a wonderful evening capturing the essence of beauty of San Francisco at night.  The bonus was enjoying not only this photo shoot but time with my hubby and a new Meet Up Group, “PhotoXploria – The Best Camera Is The One You’re Holding”

This is an angle from the Emeryville Harbor.  I love how the city lights cascade colorfully on the water. Not only can you see the tower of the Bay Bridge, but the beacon light on the Trans America Building and the iconic Coit Tower.  The Holiday lights popping all over the city.   We were given a calm night with little wind, making for perfect photography.  Spending the evening waiting on the moon to descend the night sky and gently fall about the cityscape was so worth the wait.  My favorite part of this photo is the moon beam falling on the water.

If you plan on visiting San Francisco be sure to make time in your schedule to see the city from its many angles.  You will not be disappointed.

Room With A View

img_3734Our views out our windows are taken in sometimes for granted and sometimes with admiration of the beauty that unfolds before us.  At Alcatraz Federal Prison only a few prisoner were lucky enough to have this view.

San Francisco has daily tours run by Alcatraz Cruises taking off near Pier 39 at Fishermen’s Wharf that takes you to the island for a self guided tour that unfolds such an incredible piece of the San Francisco history.  Additionally, you have the bonus of seeing the city skyline, Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate from a different perspective.  A beautiful sight to behold.  Some visits even add the extra bonus of sailboats skimming across the bay for race or leisure or a sight of the cargo ships coming in and out of the bay.

Plan your trip, make reservations and pack a lunch.  Make it a family day  and enjoy  of a wonderful outing full of history.


I recently visited New York City with my husband and our close friends.  This was my first time to experience the amazing hustle of this many people all in one place.    I saw a sea of families, locals, foreigners, street artist, business men and women, ticket seller (or anything else sellers), costumed characters, pets; you name it and they gravitate to Time Square in the heart of Manhattan.  Combining that with the energy of lights, action, shopping, restaurants and theater it was electrifying and exciting to witness.  I loved every moment of activity and would go back in a heart




My visit to the Ground Zero Memorial in New York was profound.  To see the honoring of those lost to America was so beautiful.

I learned that all names with the white roses represented the person’s birthday.  To me, it was so much more; I saw love, respect, peace and remembrance.  I was compelled to carry the honoring with my photograph. That horrific day America changed.  We filled with grief, confusion, compassion and love.  So all who step on this sacred ground it too will fill your life.

Take it in, embody the honoring, send love out to all who were lost, affected and who carry the memories

Signs, Signs Everywhere A Sign


Have you ever seen so many signs in one place?

 It always amazes me how much we advertise. Here in New York City, the advertising mecca of the US, it is very clear where business spend the dollars to reach us. This visit helps to solidify the understanding why the show “Madmen” lead us to a place of understanding the “Ad Man” and the depth at which businesses would go to get the consumer to see and purchase their wares.

I love this scene on the streets of New York City, as it depicts this cultural phenomenon.  It covers all aspects of our sense from food, electronics, destinations, drinks, shopping, beauty, brawn, where you are, where you’ve been and where your going.  Amazing!

I love the “urban landscape” of New York City.  Always something to tickle our senses and light up the surrounding environment.  Electrifying! You can visit many times and never cease to find new discoveries about this magical city.